Moon on this Night

Moon Light


This night in my city, the moon is shining. It’s a beautiful night. If every night like this, it could be fun. The moon is not completely full yet, may be two or three night later. I wish in that time the sky will be clear like this. No cloud or may be a few of cloud in the sky can make the night more beautiful. Its good for you who want make the great momen in your life.

A few of star was decorating the sky with their light. Allah is The Great, how can be the man who say that no god in this life, in this world. Who make all of this? Have they think not just with their head but also with use their heart?

This arrogant people who blind with their power in money and science said that religion was a nonsene. How can they think like this.

Every day, every hour, every time we life with mercy of the god.

May Allah blessing us my friend. Insya Allah..



picture: internet


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