Human Attitude

Watching people is ones of my hobbies. I have many hobbies, but let tell you now about this once. I like to watching people around me, they are full of question. And I try to find the answer. I have meet with the one who like to control every one bisade him/her. Much of them was arogant, talkative, stubborn, and few of them was patient or wise.

People with labile character is the one can get full atention from every one. Much of them was childish, event they was up of 21 years. Still to find their identity, they didn’t like to be interupt. If we do that, they will angry.

There were the one like to be pretend, with their smile, grasy, good performance but in other way unresponsibility with their job. And the one who want to be considered that he/she was intelegent. Show to other people that he/she now everyting. With his/him ability to convince people with what he/she talking about.

There were people with characteristic stolid, much of people considered this typcal with wrong way. Considered that he/she was fooled. That is the mistake, only special people can detect specialy one. Not all of the people with this character was idiot, fool, or didn’t know everything. Much of them choose this attitude because they didn’t know how to communicate with other people. They wory, because if they talk, other people will missperseption with them.

Much of them was intelegent, and if they meet with the one who has same character with them, they will talkative. And other people wouldn’t understand them, because they didn’t know what they talking about.

The one with not have attention with his/him surrounding. This people if typecal one who never thing about anybody else. They don’t want waste their time to thing people. They didn’t care what every want do, this kind of people want whatever other one do that is not damage them. Relax with the situation, what ever it is. “Just take your business and stay away from me..”

People with characteristic to be clown. This typical one was a a man/woman who can made every one relax. What ever he/she did was made every one laugh. He/she even not  make a joke, but every one still laugh of him/she.

I think many of human characteristic who not I mention it on this article. I wish this article will add your knowledge of human attitude. I just told you what I saw, just it.

Wish you enjoy, my regards..

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