Memories of Fasting


Many of religius muslim was waiting for this month. The month who full of mercy, not jus hold you self from eat and drink but more than that. Its training time, to be a better man.

What I remember from ramadhan is wake up in the early morning, make some of food (sahur). This is most difficult, because you are still sleepy, and your body was not ready for eat yet. Not much you can eat and drink. And after that waiting for fajar praying. Is very good in Islam if in the five times in a day to praying you go to masque. Praying together (jama’ah) much better than alone in your house, lead by imam in there. Is big the value (reward) for the muslims who do that. Together is better than alone..

After praying fajar, many of muslims in my country was sleep again. But thanks to god that I and my family was never do that. We not sleep, but try to make busy with do some activities in the morning. Like washing the food equipment, make clean for the house, or another activities who can make your time not wasting. I using this time to help my parent, sometime I watching TV. Or in the town who I stay for work, I use this time to accomplish my job. My brother and sister was busy with their own activities. Sometime they online on internet or playing games on computer, or help my parents.

There was queer that many people most like sleep after sahur. Islam said that wake up in the morning and than do the fajar praying. After that go spread around the earth for make some way in live. There is not good still sleep in the morning, that is the sign for lazy people. In medical world said that  wake up and do the activities in the morning is good for your health. And wake up late is not good for your health.

A few of hour after sahur (2-4 hour) you will feel hungry. That is the first chalenges in the fasting day. Fasting is not jus stop for eating and dringking but also keep your emotion, never do every thing who forbid in the Islam. Like looking for sexy woman, say the dirty word, never say the dirty word or the word who can hurt another people. Never go to forbidden place like a bar, gambling, or something like that. And many else..

Difficult time is in the middle of day, there is very huge of challenges because your body will need for the suply of water and food.  Just ignore that feeling, don’t give up, because if you past this time you will feel find, still hungry but not so terrible.

Magrib time is the time to break the fast, the fasting was done for this day, and will start again at tomorrow morning (fajar). In my country people make much of food for break the fast, in here we call it “Pasa Pabukoan”. Many kind of food, drink, or another else on sale here, and many people spend their money in this market. Very strange because all of this day we have to train to control our self but in the end we out of controll. Is not useless because in break the fast time many of them out of control, eat all kind of the food and drinking, and than they look tired. The consequence of this is they cant do the Tarawih, stay at home, watching tv, sleep, or something else.

Most of thing who I missed was the atmosphere in the fasting day, the morning, the day, and the night. The atmosphere who cant I find in another day or month. In the morning in the common day if I wake up in the early of morning , I feel alone. Because no want wake up in the early morning. But in the fasting day I feel not alone. In the night, If night come to late the athmosphere was I the only one who still wake up, but not in the fasting, I still can hear the people who do the tadarus (read the Qur’an) untill the midnight. I always missed this day, this month.




PS: Iam sory, I have bad in English and terrible in grammar…^_^

picture: internet


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