Will Miss You…

See you again Ramadhan

The fasting just pass away, how you feel? Some people feel free, because this month make them cannot do what ever they want. Like eating, drinking, smoking, or another else. Kind of this people was many I found in my place. Still young, want to be free, never praying or another act of devotion. In this noble month, they never do fasting. Semo of them was old, an old man. Oh god, was should I call them, the one who should be a model for the younger. But looked them, a rotter man.

But, there one who feel sad. The Ramadhan give them the joy, make them more happy, more powerful, and more religius. They deeply enjoyabel the day in this month. Every second, every minute, every hour, and every day was grace. No month like Ramadhan, no joyful like Ramadhan, its never like Ramadhan.

In the day we kept a temper, not just that but also hold the emotion. Its training to be more good person, more religius. In the night we pray in the mosque, together with other people. Just the Ramdhan the mosque was full, the situation where never found in another month. Feel comfortbel there, together, is in the Jama’ah. Our prophet said that we should stay in Jama’ah, because the sheep will safe in their group because if alone, the wolf will prey you.

Idul Fitri in the beginning of Syawal Month was the end. Every one celebrate this day, The Independent Day, The real Independent Day. Why? because we just past the test, the training, time to celebrate, time to happiness. Like you past the exam in the end of the year, you will celebrate that with your friends. Just the one who through the Ramadhan with heart and soul will feel enjoyable. If not, they feel was no different with another day. Kind of this man was lose out, they loose, a looser..

Celebrate with your family, give the forgiveness for another one, with your parents, brother & siter, grandparents, uncle, aunt, causins, nephew, or other people. There is sign that your heart has came to purified again, like the first time you was born. Like a innocent little baby. Just like that, if you really pass this month (Ramadhan) with your heart and soul. There is the joyful..

Every muslim in different country have another way to celebrate Idul Fitri, in Melayu countries including Indonesia, give the kids money or angpao was the must ritual. Have the new clothes and get the money, there are kids world in Idul Fitri day. Go to cemetery and pray for the member of family was the ritual after praying “Eid”. End then visit the another family, closed family was the first priority. In Minangkabau people, go to bako[1] house was the first priority.

Silaturahim was the key in Eidul Fitri. Repair and make a good relationship with your family, friends, neighbour’s, and other people was the most important thing should you do in the Eidul Fitri. Its come from pure heart, the heart was trained in the Ramadhan.

Ramadhan, we will miss you, very much. We waiting for your, 11 month more..

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[1] Bako was the call for father family. The Minangcabau people was matriacht follower society. They came to mother side.


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