Eid ul Adha


Many people in my place not to interesting about Eid ul Adha, because we celebrate this great day not like the Eidul Fitri. In Eidul Fitri we celebrate it with family and friend, and then make delicious food, go to other house in our neighbourhood or our family to say “Happy Eidul Fitri..”. But in Eidul Adha, we don’t do that. After pray Eid and then breakfast, we go back to the masque or square. There was wait for us the cow or goat (my people didn’t have any sheep).

The commitee in masque was make  coupon, and few days before was distributed to the villegers. Many mans in may village was join to masque for work. slaughter and cut the meat of the cow or goat, make it clean, washing in the rivers, and another else. After praying zuhur the meat was distributed to the villagers.

Eidul Adha just in one day not like Eidul Fitri we celebrate it in few days after Syawal the first. But may be you disagrre with me, an said “in this big day our heart was celebrate it not just our body”


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