What can you do if you meet childish people?

I always meet the kind of this people, and I always afraid if this attitude come to me. In fact its happen, I become someone who I hate. Childish, sensitive, arogant, stubborn, and negative thingking. I can refuse that feeling, when its come and I can do nothing.

Sometime I can face this people with pation, smile or just quit, ignore them. But If I did, the thing that I was weak. Next time they come and do the same thing. If I told to them, the react badly. Like we meet madman, out of one’s senses.

The elder in my country said “You should not face the madman, just ignore him/her. If you did, it mean that you have no different with him/her..”

But in this life, I always face people like this. I don’t know what happen in this time. All of the people was thingking about their selves, consider that what their did was good, never thing about other people thing or feel. Emphaty, there no in their heart.

I shame with my self, why like this? What happen to my people? Why I never can find the wise one? Most of them was coward, talking about the one behind them, make a gossip, make the slender, and other bad thing.

Keep the grudge to other people, attacking him/her when they weak. Like people who not have civilization, the barbarian. Even most of them was scholar, but their attitude not describe their intelectual level. How poor of them.




pict: internet


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